Professional Continuing Education for Naturopathic Doctors:
Homeopathic Materia Medica Study of Selected Remedies for use in Clinical Practice

Beginning March 28, 2013 we will be holding Thursday evening sessions for Naturopathic Physicians to engage in continuing education as related to the use of homeopathy in their clinical practice. The specific area of focus for these classes will be the study of the materia medica of selected remedies for use in Clinical Practice.



How do I participate? Contact E Camp, ND for call information or to RSVP to attend session in person.

Can I earn CE credits for these sessions? Yes. Each session has been awarded 2.0 CE by the Oregon Board.

Is there a cost for attending these sessions? No, the live sessions and audio downloads are free. In the future, the audio downloads will be placed in the Medicine Talk Professional CE store and there will be a small cost per session. this is expected to be completed by 10/31/13. The live sessions will always be free.

Is there a cost for the CE? Earning CE is free if you come to a live session. There will be a charge for CE earned from the audio files.

Do I need any special software or textbooks? Access to the full Homeopathic materia medica will be helpful but is not required as notes for each session are provided. No special software is needed for these sessions.

Can anyone join these sessions? Attendance at these sessions is not restricted, however, the material presented is not geared toward the general public or even the homeopathy enthusiast. The material is written for doctors and the language used is clinical language.

What is the process for the CE for the live sessions? The presenter takes attendance from the caller information from the call service we use. This shows when a person joins and leaves a call. A quarterly report is compiled and hours are listed and this is sent to you, via email, as a CE Earned Certificate. Unless you request otherwise, these are mailed out in April, July, October and December. We do ask that you fill out the following form if you are attending these sessions to earn CE: Materia Medica CE Form.

What is the process for the CE from audio recordings? The basic process: download the audio file and notes for the session, let Dr. Camp know and she will check the download history. You will then be emailed a quiz that must be completed and returned. Finally, you will receive the certificate of completion for those CE.

If anyone wants to donate to a general fund, it will be used to offset andministrative costs associated with the organization of this endeavor. Contact E Camp, ND for more information about donating.

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Completed Sessions

Following in a listed of all completed sessions including the name of the presenter and the remedies covered:

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