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  • A 12 week course which prepares you to care for your family using homeopathy. No knowledge of homeopathy is necessary as we start at the beginning. After completing this course participants will:

    • be introduced to the basic concepts of health
    • understand the basics concepts of homepathy
    • learn the top 100 most commonly prescribed homeopathic remedies
    • know how to take a detailed case
    • understand how to analyze the case and use materia medica to differentiate possible remedies
    • feel confident in choosing the most appropriate remedy
    • know how to choose the best doing strategy
    • learn how to manage a case to cure
    • understand when the case needs to be referred to another medical professional

    This course is an excellent place to start your homeopathic journey!

  • This is where all general things that relate to the class will be posted. This will include our meeting schedule dates, times and locations as well as the planned case taking sessions. Class materials and CCH information can also be found in this section as well as the basic student guidelines and responsibilities.

    If there is a last minute change in the schedule, you will be emailed and it will be posted here. It is a good idea to check this section the morning of any class in the event there has been a change.

  • This section contains all the assignments  and quizzes and will be updated regularly.

  • This section is for general class, procedure and other homeopathy questions.

    This section is not for case specific questions. If you have a case specific question, please go to that case discussion thread and post your question there.

  • In this section, students will find notes, quizzes and all things related to lecture topics. There is a discussion board in this section where we can all participate in various conversations about each topic discussed in class.

    Note: This is not where we discuss specific cases - that is found under the Case Study section.

  • This section contains class notes and presentations, resources, information, meeting schedule and everything else pertaining to Basic Sciences.

  • Discussions of the Organon, the philosophy of homeopathic medicine and other cool topics like sacred geometry, quantum physics and more.

  • This section is where students will find cases taken as a group and by students outside of the group setting. Cases include analysis, repertorization, initial prescription and case management notes. There is also a section of audio files which are conference calls where we do follow-ups.

    In addition, all cases voluntarily submitted by interns are posted here.

  • This section contains a number of resources all focused around Materia Medica. There are recordings in here, online resources for Materia Medica, various lectures from other homeopaths on Materia Medica and more.

  • This section revolves around everything repertory. Finding rubrics, putting together a solid repertorization to make case study in materia medica easier. There are online resources, videos and other tools to help. This section is new and growing so be sure to come back often!

  • In this very large section, students can find a variety of resources: Client Paperwork, General Resources, Articles, Audio/Video,  and Medicinary.

  • This section deals with everything business. Setting up your new business, advertising, the do's and do not's, marketing, and more.

  • This is a 2 hour session for discussion about the Materia Medica of selected remedies, 2 per session. It is held Thursday evenings, 6:30 - 8:30 PM CST via tele-conference. The format is a brief presentation by various homeopaths on the selected remedy and then a Q & A / Discussion period.

    If you are interested in attending, please email Eli Camp ND to be placed on the list and to receive the call-in information.

    You can visit the online calendar where all sessions are listed through May 2014.

Welcome to the Homeopathy Series by Dr. Eli Camp.

Contact Information:

cell: 603-391-9820

home: 405-801-4114

fax: 866-953-1710

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