The Healing Journey of Others – Words of Wisdom

OK, let’s face it – walking the health journey can be downright challenging at times. It can take more money that we have to spend (or want to spend and not that it has to), more time than we’d like, hours of reading and trying to understand what should be simple and at times we just want […]

Which Wolf to Feed?

I have been doing some reading since I went on my June sabbatical. Lately, I find myself drawn to the writings of people who are exploring the idea that through our thoughts, emotions and actions humans can change the current course of mankind. That seems like a no-brainer – right? Of course how we think, feel and […]


I believe the community one is part of offers a healing power all of its own so naturally, I must talk about a part of that community, friends. My grandmother used to tell me that by the end of my life I would be able to count my true friends on one hand. She often said to me that […]

The Healing Power of Community

I was recently at a medical conference and a quote from the late Dr. Bill Mitchell was shared with the group – the gist of it was that docs forget to prescribe people and community (communion) as a healing modality. I spent some time reflecting on this and what it means for my patients and myself. How often […]

A Perspective on Self-Enlightenment

Well, I was talking with my sister the other day about a journey we are both on, self-improvement, and we had the best discussion. It created such a cascade of thoughts for myself, healing thoughts, that I wanted to share. Over the years I have read hundreds of books and writings about how and why […]