This is a place where people can leave testimony to their experience of me as an instructor/mentor. This includes testimonials from the Blueprint for Business Seminar (formerly known as Tricks of the Trade) which I have presented at SCNM, NUNM, NUHS, Bridgeport, Bastyr Kenmore, Bastyr San Diego and CCNM. I have also given parts of the seminar at the AANP Conference, to the Mass ND Association, the FL ND Association and at two ASCP Meetings. In addition, you will find testimony from many of my students in the University setting, trade-school setting, private instruction and weekend seminars. Simply scroll down and leave your testimonial by posting a “reply”.

I appreciate your participation in sharing your thoughts with others!
E Camp, ND

“Dr. Eli Camp is a leader in our profession, who not only is a mentor to students and business owners to help others have rich visions and thriving practices, but she is also solution-oriented and provides a long list of valuable resources, as well as helps connect people through her extraordinary networking community. I think what I am most impressed by, aside from her Tricks of the Trade class (which was awesome!) is the fact that her continuing education program gives 30% back to the AANP, state associations and other organizations; this totalled $36,000 in 2015! Dr. Eli’s financial investment in the state and national organizations shows the depth of her heart, and her willingness to continue helping forward the naturopathic profession in any way she can. Any ND who is invested in not just their own business but in the health, wellbeing, and vitalism of our profession as a whole, has the highest of rankings in my mind, and I would absolutely recommend her Tricks of the Trade Class, her mentorship, and her websites including Medicine Talk Pro. I am so grateful that she is able to give so freely to the naturopathic profession.”

Rosia Parrish
Bastyr University
Visit Rosia online: Nature of Medicine | ND Advocates

I cannot say enough about Dr. Eli Camp and the Tricks of the Trade Business Seminar! This seminar is more than worth the reasonable price and I am certain it will pay for itself over and over again. As someone without a business background, I found the seminar information easy to understand and so useful in helping me complete my business plan. Dr. Camp inspired me reach higher and dream bigger; I truly believe with the resources provided by Medicine Talk I will be a successful physician.”

Annie Savage
4th Year Medical Student
Bay Wellness Center – opening 2016

“I left the seminar with so much valuable information! I cannot wait to see what happens when I incorporate all the tips into my existing practice. The newsletter service is something I plan to use right away. A step by step guide to opening or restructuring your practice is what you will gain by attending the seminar. In fact, the information was so valuable that before leaving the seminar, some colleagues and I put together a weekly meeting schedule in order to keep each other accountable while incorporating Dr. Camp’s “tricks” into our business. Thanks for everything Dr. Camp!”

Leah Collier, ND
Aurora Natural Medicine
Gilbert, AZ

Starting a new Naturopathic practice can be a daunting task and with it comes a lot of work to market yourself and get patients in the door. I was so grateful when starting my practice to find medicinetalk and all it’s resources. Most importantly, I have been exceptionally pleased with the newsletter service that medicinetalk provides monthly. It can be a difficult task to find writers that understand my profession and these newsletters not only do that, but also come very well researched and professionally written. I cannot express the amount of time this service has saved me as well as the amount of patients it has gained me. I have referred many other practitioners to medicinetalk and will continue to do so in the future. Highly recommend it!

Kelly Hassberger, ND
Grand Rapids Natural Health
Grand Rapids, Michigan

I recently attended Dr. Eli Camp’s seminar on practice management and feel that this seminar should be mandatory for all graduating Naturopathic Medical Doctors.

Having come from the world of business and having an undergraduate degree in Business Administration, I could not help but to regret that I didn’t have this information when I was a new graduate. My business experience eventually guided me through the challenges of building a practice. It, however, was through much trial and error and much wasted time and expense to figure it all out as there are many unique challenges in developing a naturopathic medical practice.

I unreservedly recommend her program to any soon to be or new doctor. Additionally, I would also highly recommend her seminar for experienced doctors wanting confirmation of the effectiveness of their business practices or for those wanting new ideas.

Vance Inouye, N.M.D.
Dr Inouye

Dr. Camp. I went to your very informative lecture at CCNM (I think in 2009) and have since graduated, passed NPLEX, and am opening my doors to patients July 2011! I\’m so excited and overwhelmed by all the little details. Your material has helped me so much with things I never knew I had to think about. It is making my life so much easier… I don’t feel that I can explain exactly how much I appreciate what you\’ve done for NDs in business… I just want to hug you!
Thanks again!

Theresa, SCNM Graduate

I have attended quite a few practice management courses and Tricks of

 the Trade was by far the most practical and useful. I went home with so many tools and so much information that I could use immediately to create a successful business!

Dr. Ruth Galbraith, N.D., Bastyr Graduate
Past President New Hampshire Association of Naturopathic Doctors

Dr. Eli Camp is excellent at sales and marketing. Her ideas were original, affordable and realistic. With some training from Dr. Camp and some hard work, I was able to grow my business in a short time.

Dr. Preety Shah, N.D., SCNM Graduate

This Seminar was fabulous. It gave me a step-by-step guide and the tools in an organized format for me to begin setting up my practice. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!!!

Leila Fosdick Turner, N.D.

Plan your work…and work your plan. This is exactly what I learned this conference. I left this seminar in awe. I am so impressed with my future. (It’s so bright I go to wear shades). Thank you Dr. Camp, your enthusiasm is infective and I definitely saw some of myself in you. Thank you for spreading your wealth of knowledge to our profession. I am grateful to have you as a colleague.


Lezlie Link, ND
Integrative Medical Solutions
Bismark, North Dakota

Thank you so much for putting on Tricks of the Trade this weekend. It was not only an incredibly informative seminar, choc-full of helpful tidbits and useful nuggets, but also wonderfully and refreshingly motivating. The presentation was upbeat and left me feeling that I have a game plan and a way to shape my dreams into reality. Many thanks.

Jennifer Manning
SCNM Naturopathic Medical Student, quarter 9

Dr. Camp is extremely sharing! This seminar has provided a great foundation for setting up my own Naturopathic Medical practice.

Adrienne Stewart, ND
Integrative Health Care


Fantastic source of information designed for all levels of practice management. Dr. Camp’s pearls of wisdom could not be better accessible, just flip the page and find step – by step instructions and new and proven ideas on how to conduct the business. Brilliant!!!


Anna Maj, ND, UBCNM Graduate
Northwest Holistic Health Center

There are few people who can keep their audience engaged for the entirity of a workshop. Dr. Eli Camp presents material in a way that illustrates her passion for both naturopathic medicine and how to create a successful business using it. Dr. Camp takes you step by step through a timeline of setting up to sustaining a practice, providing a complete outline that guides individual creativity and vision. After taking Tricks of the Trade, I left with the tools I need, and the knowledge of how to use these tools, to be confident that I can, and will, create a successful practice! Thank you Dr. Camp for answering all of my questions and sharing your successful experience of practicing what you love.

Elana Gelman, ND
Nourishing Health

“The tools that Dr. Camp has provided for me have been invaluable. We did training on November 7th and by January 1st my practice has picked up so much that I had to hire an office manager; by the end of February my practice has tripled and there are no signs of a slow down! Thank you so much for providing the necessary tools to have a thriving practice.”

Dr. Lisa Amerine, N.D.
Pure Homeopathy


 “As a brand new doctor, I was overwhelmed by the task of starting my practice. Talking with a successful doctor like Dr. Camp helped me realize that I, too, could be successful. She provided some very specific, manageable tips and ideas that I’ve been able to implement in my practice with great results. I would highly recommend her business seminar for new doctors as well as doctors who want to see more growth and success in their practice.”

Kristina Taylor Lewis, ND
Naturopathic Physician
Lewis Family Natural Health

 When I considered starting my practice a rush of fear came over me. Where do I start? How do I market myself? Where can I get help? These questions and countless others were answered with my Business Naturally consultation. Their insight, awareness and support helped me to see my practice right in front of me. I am truly grateful for their help and my patients are especially thankful.

Anita Larrow, ND
Anita Larrow

Dr. Camp provided a very comprehensive and innovative approach to starting a new business in the current healthcare environment. Her novel approach to marketing your clinical skills to patients will be invaluable to our business success. Any Clinical Pharmacist looking to start their own Consulting Business should seek her out!

Stephanie Matinpour, PharmD, CGP
owner PillBoxTalk Consulting

Prior to this presentation, I had little to no idea of how to start a business. I now feel that I have all of the information and resources needed to create a successful business plan. Dr. Camp provides the vital framework needed to get started.

Leah LaRue, Pharm.D., Saint Louis, MO

Dr. Camp is an amazing doctor, healer, and teacher. She has a special way of breaking down information so that its easily understood and used. I highly recommend taking her courses for her passion and wisdom will make a lasting impact on your life.


Dr. Jennifer Southard
New Earth Natural Wellness

I have attended Dr. Camp’s “Tricks of the Trade” seminar on two separate occasions now and I can highly recommend it as being well worth both your time and your money. Dr. Camp’s passion, knowledge, and positive energy are uncommon gifts, and they leave you as the student feeling inspired and empowered. I have used the road map provided by Dr. Camp to open 2 offices, and I encourage you to capitalize on any opportunity you may have to learn from this extraordinary educator and outstanding human being.

Dr. Todd Robinson
The Wellness Working Group

I attended Dr. Camp’s 2-day seminar on “Tricks of the Trade” in Phoenix, AZ a few years back. I had already been in business as an independent pharmacist practitioner for about a year by this time. Even at that point, having already put some of the business aspects into play myself, the information she provided was extremely valuable. I found it so valuable that I recommended the seminar to our National Pharmacy Organization to help pharmacist practitioners as they delve into private practice. They did hold the seminar. It was so successful that they have now asked Dr. Camp to return a second year! If you haven’t attended one of Dr. Camp’s seminars, I would highly recommend that you do!

Dr. Miki Finnin
Medication Advisors

Eli has an amazing grasp over the big picture of marketing and can help you see for yourself all the possibilities for success! I still refer to her business course when I’m looking for ideas. She totally rocks.


Sarah Kotzur, ND

30 Responses

  1. Dr. Camp was my past professor she is very knowledgeable in her field. She is personable and caring when helping students. I would gladly have her as a professor anytime.


  2. I am a senior citizen and a full-time student of Alternative Medicine at Everglades University in Sarasota, Florida. I was privileged recently to have attended a class on the Herbal Medicine Chest with Dr. Eli Camp. I cannot speak highly enough about Dr. Camp's teaching ability, her warm and caring personality, and the depths and breadths of her knowledge. It was truly an honor and a gift to have been her student.

  3. My experience with Dr. Camp as an instructor in herbology was fantastic. Her teachings were hands on and she related them to real life experiences. I fell in love with herbs and there amazing ability to heal and nourish us. I started my own herb garden after attending her class. The knowledge she imparted to us is something I will always use in my future endevours.

    Thanks Dr. Camp

  4. Dr Camp is a very passionate educator and is very knowledgeable in her fields of practice.

    I enjoyed having her as a professor and learned so much from listening to her and will take what I have learned from her well into my future endeavors.

  5. Dr. Camp’s ability to pull everything together in a synthesized fashion is amazing. I am a recent graduate of Bastyr and am in the midst of opening my practice. Dr. Camp’s expertise at marketing for Naturopaths is uncanny. She is able to understand the market and advise on how to proceed with building a thriving practice. She clearly knows what she is doing, having run 3 of her own successful practices. Thanks!
    Healthy Roots Natural Medicine

  6. I have taken classes with Dr. Camp as well as have had the good fortune to be mentored by her as I have developed my practice in an unlicensed state. As a recent Bastyr graduate, she has guided me during various stages of developing my practice. Dr. Camp provides thoughtful, insightful, and invaluable practice building wisdom. I am so grateful for her willingness to share an abundance of information, help new graduates be successful with passion and compassion, and her accessibility. I would highly recommend working with Dr. Camp to anyone having troubles with their business, just starting out, or wanting to take their clinic to the next level. Thank you Dr. Camp!

  7. Dr. Camp picks up where medical school leaves off…her business seminar is comprehensive, all-inclusive and leaves no medical business stone unturned. Dr Camp’s class should be taught in every alternative medical program.
    Deirdre D. Keeler, ND

  8. Tricks of the Trade is essential for every up and coming ND. I found Dr Eli ito be extremely generous with her time and knowledge. She is extremely supportive of ND students and genuinely wants them to succeed. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her seminar to any ND who is starting a business from scratch or wants to refine their current practice. Her passion for the profession is highly evident as is her devotion to ensuring the success of other ND’s. Her presentation was very clear, dynamic, entertaining, and the recommendations made were very budget conscious. The resources I walked away with were worth the price of the seminar alone. Thank you so much Dr Eli!

  9. I thought the “Tricks of the Trade” Seminar was fantastic. It was concise and practical, yet dense with information. Every 4th year medical student needs to take this course. It will make the difference between failure and success of your future practice. Dr. Camp’s insights, wealth of knowledge, and experience will transform how you approach the business of Naturopathic Medicine.

  10. The Tricks of the Trade Seminar was a game changer for the way my business partners and I approached planning our future clinic. Dr. Camp provided us with an incredibly organized and easy to follow backbone for setting up a successful practice. During the seminar, she shared resources, numerous references, and priceless insight based on her experience as a successful business owner and doctor. I would highly recommend Tricks of the Trade for any student or doctor looking to start a practice.

  11. Dr. Eli Camp is an amazing teacher, professional, and doctor. She is the true definition of someone who has started to give back to the community of Naturopathic Medicine after having a life-time of success in business and health. I feel very fortunate to have been apart of her Tricks of the Trade Conference at SCNM and consider it to be the most valuable experience for any medical student looking to run a successful practice right out of school or in the near future. She gives detailed behind the scenes real-life advice to make anyone successful.

  12. Dr. Camp is a true inspiration, both as a Naturopath and a business woman. It will take me months to unpack and use all the information and business tools given in the Tricks of the Trade Seminar. It is helpful to see that Dr. Camp has created a practice that is successful and authentic to her vision. It gives me hope as a soon-to-be graduate!

  13. I have a dream, a vision, a brilliant idea to promote naturopathic medicine in neighborhoods while establishing multiple residency sites in mentorship models. I want this dream to materialize in such a way as to be process driven, potentially as a not-for-profit entity for future loan forgiveness, maybe even a turn-key franchise. I want education (Docere) to be key, with the rest of the Principles of Naturopathic Medicine firmly rooting the new graduates who come into the fold for mentoring. It’s a gorgeous plan! But I am not a business-woman. I stumbled into a similar idea in an unlicensed state right after graduation. How phenomenal this could be if I did it on purpose! With Eli’s help, my dream is being shaped into practical, real-time existence. How FUN!

  14. Dr. Camp’s “Tricks of the Trade” seminar was tremendously valuable to me as a student and entrepreneur. She presents clear, concise, actionable information along with a great deal of resources. If I had paid ten times the price of the seminar, I would still have been more than satisfied with the value she provided. Most importantly, her can-do attitude and positive energy is contagious, and you finish the seminar feeling excited and knowing that you can build a business that fits your lifestyle, provides financial security, and serves your patients at the highest level.

  15. I was involved with helping to bring Dr Camp to Bastyr the first time and I thought it was so beneficial that I helped bring her back AND attended a second time! I have taken additional business classes and seminars from some really great doctors and business people and Dr Camp’s is second to none. I highly encourage anyone who can to go or bring her in to your location to attend.

  16. I highly recommend Dr. Eli Camp’s Tricks of the Trade seminar to any doctor or student that is thinking about starting their own practice. Dr. Camp gives you a road map to success. Before taking this seminar I didn’t know how to even get started. Now I have developed a plan of action.

    Johanna Mauss, ND

  17. Dr. Eli Camp’s “Trick of the Trade Business Seminar” provides valuable and comprehensive details on how to build and maintain a successful practice. The essential information I acquired allowed me to enhance my confidence on moving forward with my business plan. Dr. Camp demonstrated the stepwise guidelines to help new/current business owners to succeed in accomplishing their dreams. You must attend Dr. Eli Camp’s training, whether you are at stage 1 of business planning or your practice is already established.

  18. Dr. Camp’s seminar on writing a business and marketing plan teaches process of envisioning what your future practice will look like. Dr. Camp will then teach you step by step how to write a business and marketing plan to make that vision a reality. Dr. Camp will walk you through the pieces of a business plan right down to the font and font size. You won’t walk away from this workshop with a fully written business plan but you will walk away knowing how to writing an effective plan that will get you funding for your practice. Whether you are a 1st year medical student or 7 years into practice, this workshop is for you If you want to own your own business. Dr. Camp gives you wonderful resources to clearly plan for expenses of a future practice and how best to market yourself based on your patient population. Dr. Camp is knowledgeable, experienced, passionate about naturopathic medicine, and an invaluable resource to future naturopathic practices.

  19. Before Dr. Camp’s seminar I was lost and creating things without a purpose or plan. After the seminar, I feel like I have a better roadmap, and the tools I need to create a stellar business plan and future practice! I highly recommend this seminar to anyone looking to be wildly successful!

  20. Dr. Eli Camp is an amazing resource for all naturopathic doctors and frankly, anyone in the holistic medical profession. As a naturopathic doctor with a background in business and marketing who recently graduated from NUNM, I can say with all honesty that her Business Seminar is worth its weight in gold. You will get full value within the first hour or two of her presentation! I am forever grateful to Dr. Camp, and consider her a guiding light in the field of naturopathic medicine. Sign up for her business course, no matter what level you are at, no matter how long you have been practicing!

  21. “Tricks of the Trade is a MUST ATTEND seminar. As a naturopathic medical student, you are trained in the art and science of medicine and taught how to be a good doctor. To be a successful doctor, however, you must be trained in the art and science of business, a skill that is not honed in medical school. Dr. Eli Camp has been through naturopathic schooling and has opened multiple successful businesses, and she graciously shares her knowledge through her Tricks of the Trade seminar. With the seminar notes and information, I feel so much more prepared to step into the naturopathic world as a successful doctor and business person. I now have the right and relevant tools to get started, grow, and succeed. I wouldn’t be prepared to open a practice without this knowledge. Thank you Dr. Camp!”

  22. Dr. Camp’s seminar was the most valuable business seminar I have ever taken. It should be a requirement within every naturopathic curriculum. She provided so many useful resources, and I now have a better understanding of how I want to set up my practice. I now feel so much more comfortable about stepping into the ND world and becoming a business owner. I really appreciate the time she takes to mentor her colleagues, and especially students. Thank you Dr. Camp.

  23. The Tricks of the Trade Seminar is a game changer! Dr. Camp walks you step-by-step through exactly what you need to do to get your business up and running and gives you the resources to get started. She shares invaluable tips on creating passive income that can supplement any practice or give students a head start on their future business. Her entrepreneurial and generous spirit is contagious and inspiring. It’s worth the time and money a thousand times over!

  24. A weekend spent with Dr. Eli Camp is invaluable. She walks you through creating your own business, step-by-step and keeps it engaging and lighthearted all the way through. Dr. Camp makes a point to connect with every individual present, offering personalized advice and business connections on the spot. She even made herself available in the evening for more questions and laughs over pizza. Thank you, Dr. Camp, for your mentorship and for keeping our naturopathic roots growing deep!

  25. The blueprint for business is a fantastic seminar that if you are a student either be in your first or last year will be something well worth your money and time. It will give you some very important foundations and one of the most important things is that it is not only didactic information, but also real life applicable information. Dr. Camp gives her input and personal insight from working in the trenches and establishing different practices. This was my second time going to her conference and I revisited many things that I had forgotten on my first time. After this conference, I feel so much more comfortable stepping into my entrepreneur role as an ND this upcoming year.

  26. I just attended the Blueprint for Business seminar by Dr. Eli Camp. The seminar was way more informative than I had ever hoped for. The content is extremely valuable and there is something for everyone. It doesn’t matter where you are at in your career you will definitely learn valuable tools in this seminar. I am truly floored by all of the information that I received.

  27. The Blueprint for Business Seminar with Dr. Eli Camp was a really great worthwhile seminar! I was only able to attend the first day and it helped me immensely in my thinking about my future practice and current business. I am a 4th year naturopathic medical student and attending the seminar at this time really made me think about my future plan and goals and vision and how to execute it all properly. I am also running a CBD business called Better Living Botanicals on the side while in school and I got a lot of insight into what we could do better for our business. Thanks so much for your help Dr. Camp!

  28. Dr. Camp did a wonderful job engaging a room full of medical students at a weekend seminar, especially those of us at the end battling burnout daily. After multiple business management in classes in my current program, I still lacked footing for business practices. This course fills in the blanks covering in-depth Marketing, building a website, how to obtain reasonable legal defense, step by step how to write a business plan for bank approval, how to build a medicinary/manage a medicinary, what to look for in a space, finances, including spreadsheets formatted for finances (revenue, costs of all aspects of practice), info on coding and billing and charting and creating office procedures. She covered so much that I needed to know and am so grateful to have..including the minutia that we don’t think to ask about like qualities to look for in front office staff and creating a superbill for insurance. As a Q15 student about to graduate, I cannot thank her enough for providing so many helpful tools from her many years of experience that I have not come across anywhere else!
    Thank YOU Dr. Camp
    <3 Lillea

  29. This weekend seminar was the blessing I was waiting for!!! Eli’s Business Camp was by filled with great information as well as her own personal experience! After the seminar, I was filled with hope and great sense of purpose! Dr. Camp shares so many insightful information and truly wants everyone to succeed. I highly recommend taking this course!

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