For information about Dr. Camp's Naturopathic practice and general information on Naturopathy, please browse the resources below.


Medicine Talk

Medicine Talk provides live teleseminars and online workshops about holistic health which are founded upon naturopathic principles. Visit the site to find out when your favorite topics are being offered. READ MORE.

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Classes & Lectures

nat_medDr. Eli Camp actively teaches classes on homeopathy and Naturopathic Medicine. Dr. Camp teaches several online workshops, teleseminars, and classes. Read about how you can bring Dr. Camp to your community.




Transform Your Health

nat doc The Medicine Talk "Transform Your Health" is program that teaches you about what it means to be healthy, the various tools of health like diet, supplements, lifestyle, botanicals (herbs), homeopathy and more. Online based you can pick and choose your topics in bite-sized pieces, work through the material in your free time and take advantage of being able to work directly with Naturopathic Doctors to get your questions answered.

This will be launched in 2017. For more information, contact Medicine Talk.