Favorite Household Products

Traumeel by Heel: Traumeel Ointment 100 GMS: A homeopathic first aid ointment, gel or cream to use for bumps, bruises, strains and sprains.

Homeopathic single remedies (mini first aid collection): I sell all of these and my price is a little higher, $10, but you get triple the quantity. Also, I do have various homeopathic kits already put together and you can look those over here. https://www.ecampnd.com/OnlineStore/default.html.

Green's First: a tasty, minty greens drink for those of us who have a hard time getting in all our veggies in a day! Available through Emerson Ecologics. Usually it is enough to dose ½ scoop per day.



Immune System

Colloidal silver spray: Argentyn liquid AND / OR Argentyn Spray. Used for spraying on cuts, scrapes, rashes and more. Taken internally is antimicrobial and often used for throat gargle, sinus rinses, suspected infection in the body.

Essential oils: If you choose not to order through Emerson or Mountain Rose Herbs, please be sure you purchase pure essential oils.

General items to have on hand so when you call me at 2 AM I can help you then and there:

Radiant Goods: To order Illumodine

Mountain Rose Herbs: For many of the itmes I listed above. They also carry essential oil.