Well, I have officially entered the second age and with that have cut my hair! It is interesting to me, that with the shedding of hair, and not necessarily planned to coincide with the cutting off of my hair, I also made some other big decisions in my life (more to come on that in future posts).

When we became the guardians of our grandchildren, I had intended to write regularly about our experience. One, because I found out that over 175,000 known grandparents in our country are raising their grandchildren. No telling how many are not known, but I would bet double. Second, because I am learning so much about life that I am not sure I would have learned otherwise, I wanted to share it. And last, because I wanted to contribute good energy to the world.

Well, here we are YEARS later, and this is my first post about it all. But, one of those decisions I made as I watched the hair fall to the ground, was to rededicate to writing about our experience.

So, when our grandson was 2 and our granddaughter, 1, we welcomed them and their parents into our home. And, at that point, we became caregivers to some degree. But, because Mom and Dad were present, Brian and I could come and go as we pleased. We just had a big, happy and full home. Of course there were the typical sleepless nights when the kids were not feeling well, but in general, our life continued much as it had before. Fast forward, omit many details for the sake of privacy, we soon became the primary caregivers and now, with Mom not in the picture and Dad around a day a week, Brian and I have become parents again. It has been several years and emotions are rebalanced, everyone feels loved and our (Brian and I) life is completely different.

This has been quite the journey and now, with a 7 and 6-year-old, I have learned some important lessons.

For those of you who are parents the second time around, leave a comment, share your stories, help support the hundreds of thousands of people out there who are trying to do a good thing.

Have a lovely day!