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  • Online Store: homeopathic kits, flu, pertussis, vaccination and more!
  • List of Products to have at home for those middle of the night issues!

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  • Importance of Minerals
  • Are your Probiotics making you sick?
  • Non-toxic chelation



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Adrenal Fatigue

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  • RX List This is a great website to use to find out about the common side effects and contraindications of medications you or a loved one are taking.


Recommended Companies

Medicine Talk - The Natural Path to Health Medicine Talk provides teleseminars on health topics such as diet and nutrition, herbal medicine, environmental medicine, homeopathy, and mind body medicine. These teleseminars are easy to understand and taught by professionals in the field of alternative health. This is information you can trust that is based on both scientific evidence and clinical experience.



Mountain Rose Herbs. A herbs, health and harmony c The quality and selection of Mountain Rose Herbs products is outstanding. They will ship directly to you, have a tremendous amount of herbal information at their site and are happy to answer questions.


Vital Choice Seafood offers wholesome, clean and sustainable fish. There are no worries about heavy metals or where the fish come from. Very good customer service and reasonable prices.


Eat Cleaner HandsReducing the toxicity on the outside of your food is the mission of Eat Cleaner. With these products, you can have a little more peace of mind that your food is cleaner than it is with washing in water alone.